Hire Fast!

Collapse your interviewing process to reduce your competition I’ve read a bunch of articles lately about how companies are taking weeks and months to fill open positions.  Most of this press is attributable to large companies with many layers of decisionmakers.  If you are lucky enough to be a hiring manager for a small company,

People want to work with good folks and for good companies

6 uncommon ways to build a strong brand If you work for a good company, where people are recognized, and feel that their contribution has an impact you most likely have a strong culture and are surrounded by smart people.  This reputation doesn’t happen overnight.  It also doesn’t happen because your marketing department publishes that you are a

Keeping them is cheaper than replacing them

Low cost loyalty programs show the love If you’ve been trying to hire experienced professionals this year – especially in the engineering space – I don’t need to tell you this is a tough market.  Colorado is on solid ground and gaining momentum.  There simply isn’t enough talent to fill all the open positions. As

Get Happy at Work!

Taking charge of your career direction I was on the phone last week with an individual who asked this question: “I’m at a pivotal point in my career.  Do I take a technical path or do I begin to move toward a management role?” Great question!  I’ve given this a lot of thought since that conversation.  I applaud

It’s like dating – but don’t play hard to get!

Be interested - and interesting The media is full of news about companies who would hire, but can’t find qualified candidates to fill open positions.  Translation – there is a war for talent going on.  If you are a big company with deep pockets, a large recruiting team and a strong employment brand you won’t

An open letter to hiring managers

From an unemployed professional In my role as an executive search consultant I split my time between hiring managers who are trying to hire and candidates who are trying to get hired.  As we continue our path toward economic recovery there are still deeply experienced, highly skilled executives who are trying to navigate their paths


Or…how to resign your position with grace Last month one of the candidates we hired asked an interesting question.  “I’ve never quit a job before, how do I do it?”  Now, this may seem like a pretty common sense task, but if you’ve never done it – then it can be scary. Let’s set the

Are you moving the ball?

The difference between being busy and being productive during your search I spend a good amount of time every day talking with people who reach out to me and people who are referred to me for help with their job search.  I make time to talk with everyone personally and help in any way I

Do unto others….

A guide to the candidate experience for hiring managers  Lately there has been a lot of commentary around something called the ‘candidate experience.’  Personally I think this is just common sense, but I’m coming from the perspective of someone who works with candidates and hiring managers all the time – as a matchmaker.  Everyone is

Reduce your time to hire!

Candidate Profiles Time to hire is one of the primary metrics we use to measure our success.  Regardless of whether you are working internally to fill a position or engaging the services of an outside recruiter – time is money.  The faster you can source, attract, interview and hire – the better your return.  Every