Make your job search easier while you’re working

Once again the labor department released record low unemployment numbers for Colorado – still sitting at 2.4%.  What that means is that most job seekers are looking for a new position while already working 40+ hours a week.  The task seems rather daunting!  Some of you might be thinking that it’s easier to stay put – even in a job that’s boring or working for an uninspiring leader – than to look for something better.  Bad idea! While much of your job search, even in a passive state, is person to person contact there are some methods for automating the really boring parts – let’s explore:

1. Make a list of dream companies

You know, those companies that you read about, your friends tell you about, are right down the street from your house, have the perks you are really longing for – the list is yours and yours alone.  Jot those companies down on a list that you can access easily.

2. Follow those companies

Why not friend them on Facebook and follow them on LinkedIn?  In addition, if the CEO is a blogger, follow him/her as well.  Get plugged into what’s happening.  Their internal recruiters will notice – and remember you.

3. Register with their career site

Many global corporations have a career site that you can subscribe to in order to receive updates about new positions that you might be interested in.  What better way to get the first jump on new activity?

4. Set up alerts

There are a couple of great posting aggregators out there.  Google recently launched GoogleJobs which aggregates postings from corporate and recruiter websites.  In addition, Indeed still does a great job of crawling sites that have been indexed – although Indeed doesn’t like recruiters, so you won’t see those postings on Indeed.  The alerts you set should be for your dream companies specifically – without regard to position.  Remember, you are wanting to get to know them from the outside in – what better way than to monitor all activity?

5. Where do their employees hang out?

Do any of your dream companies sponsor meetups or host after hours activities?  If they do then that’s where their employees will be.  If you want to get in – then get in with folks who have already done it!

6. Final thoughts

My best advice is that if you are thinking of looking around for a new position, do it quietly.  Be careful about talking to recruiters – some are not scrupulous – and turn off the LinkedIn update option.  You don’t want your current company to know that you are following new companies and connecting with a bunch of new people.

Conducting a passive job search can be like having a second job – and you are already fully employed!  While much of the search process takes person to person contact, there are some pieces that can be automated.  Take full advantage of these Hacks!  For more ideas on strategic career management, visit us here!