Hire Responsibly

Testing and backgrounds don’t necessarily reveal CHARACTER Although skill-based testing and background checks can help you determine baseline qualifications and keep your company out of the courtroom, these methods don’t help you determine the true character of the person you’re hiring. I’m surprised at how many companies don’t do even the most rudimentary reference checking

Hiring Managers Use Social Media in Hiring Process

Job Seekers and Hiring Managers - Here is an article about the importance of manging your online profile (and your company's online profile) in case you really haven't embraced the Social Media frenzy yet. Digital Brand Expressions is a high-end search engine and social media marketing consultancy and services firm that helps companies enhance their

Getting a better ROI from your recruiting dollars

Job Board post post disappointing scores I’m talking with more companies that are voicing their frustration with the results of their recruiting efforts related to job board postings. Dollars are tight in the Human Resources category these days so it’s important to make sure that every dollar spent nets maximum return. Let’s focus on some