How Big is your BUT?

Removing self-imposed obstacles to your career success I’ve been in the selling business for over 15 years now – recruiting is a selling activity on steroids.  I spend my day selling ideas to job seekers, selling candidate strengths to clients, getting candidates excited about opportunities, you get the idea.  I’m also a student of selling

Social Networking Etiquette – 7 Rules for Successful Online Networking

Building strong relationships is the cornerstone of professional success regardless of your chosen field.  Social networks are emerging as another channel to foster professional and personal connections with an expanded reach.  Although personal networking best practices have evolved over hundreds of years, the rules for social networking are just now emerging.  As well, online networks

The Interview ‘Project’ – Hiring without a Plan is Risky Business

We spend a lot of time with CEOs and hiring authorities helping them find, identify and hire top talent.  I’m surprised at the lack of an executable plan for the interview process within companies both large and small.  It would appear as if hiring managers believe that everyone in the company knows how to interview,