Is this the key to your next job?

Building effective relationships with the doorman In my coaching sessions I talk with job seekers about taking a multi-pronged approach to breaking into a company.  Yes, you should contact the hiring manager directly, and yes you should attempt to get an introduction from someone inside the organization.  You should also observe protocol and apply through

The Re-evolution of Talent Acquisition – Part 3 of 3

In the previous two articles we’ve talked about how recruiting methods are changing.  Your ability to acquire top talent will become critical as the economy rebounds and the boomers finally retire.  The large job boards are falling out of favor with candidates, search engines are the tools of choice (for job seekers and recruiters), and

The Re-evolution of Talent Acquisition – part 2 of 3

If you are in hiring mode you’ve probably noticed a marked reduction in the quality of your ad response.  This might be because you haven’t yet embraced the social media trend (and it’s not a trend), become SEO savvy, started actively monitoring your company’s online reputation and learned the finer art of Boolean search.