Ready to make your mark in the Mile High city? Here are a few reasons we think you’ll find that the West is Best!

1. Vibrant downtown

With the 10th largest downtown in America, the city of Denver boasts an assortment of top-notch art and history museums, an aquarium, a water and amusement park, river rafting and more than 300 world-class dining options!

2. Purple Mountain Majesties

Contrary to popular belief, Denver is not in the mountains, but near the foothills of the Rockies, providing panoramic views without the frigid temperatures. In fact, it is possible to see more than 200 named peaks from the city of Denver, 32 of them over 13,000 feet!

3. Four fabulous seasons

Denver has a mild climate with more sunny days per year than Miami or San Diego. On average, Denver residents only 14 inches of precipitation per year (same as Los Angeles). And at high altitude, our skies are actually bluer!

4. Get your tickets!

Denver is one of only 12 U.S. cities to have teams from four major sports (baseball, hockey, football and basketball). In fact, the high elevation makes the Colorado Rockies’ Coors Field one of the best parks for home runs in the nation- the dry air makes the balls fly farther (golf aficionados, this applies to you, too)!

5. Lively cultural scene

Per capita, Denver collects more money for the arts than any other US city. The Denver Performing Art Complex is the 2nd largest performing arts center in the world. Local galleries and studios throughout the city stay open late for art walks on the first Friday of every month.

6. Whether you’re a little bit country…

Channel your inner cowboy at the National Western Stock Show, the largest stock show in the world. The National Western Rodeo is also one of the biggest rodeos on earth.

7. … or a little bit rock and roll…

Rolling Stone Magazine named Red Rocks as the best outdoor venue in America. Once listed as one of the seven wonders of the geological world, the outdoor venue seats more than 8,700 people and receives over 750,000 visitors each year just to visit the parks and surrounding trails (not even counting music fans).

8. ….you’ll be in good company

Attracted to the quality of life and bustling economy, Denver is gaining almost 50 new residents per day. Denver’s healthy lifestyle and beautiful weather are only a few of the many reasons people are choosing to call the great state of Colorado their new home.

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