Talent Acquisition in a Wacky Economy

What happens to the recruiting process in this unsettled economic cycle? Companies tighten their belts. So do candidates. Those really talented people that may have been sniffing around last year have stopped their search or have pulled back significantly. This means that if you are in a hiring mode (and many companies still are) you

Online Reputation Management – Are you Paying Attention?

In the current chaos of this recent economic drama it’s easy to bury our heads in the sand, focus on today’s work and practice survival. Human Capital Managers have their hands full with understaffed departments, diminished budgets and employees who are feeling added stress personally (and professionally). In the midst of all the negative press

Who is Responsible for Career Development?

During my work week I get to talk with a lot of folks who are looking for a new position, thinking about looking for a new position, or know someone who is thinking/looking. I am often approached by people who want to engage me as their personal agent – to write their resume, search the

Do you have your ‘A TEAM’ on?

The past few years have been ‘consuming’ years for business. Money was easy to come by and relatively cheap. Many organizations took advantage of additional cash to invest in capital projects. Now the coffers are drying up and you need to spend wisely. It takes strength of character to manage through tough times. Does your