Managing Performance

No longer an annual event Naturally, I am fascinated by how businesses operate and what management styles work in certain situations.  Recently, I have focused my attention on how postindustrial age hierarchy is not working and what that means for companies who are conventional in their human capital management structure. Early in my career I

  • Hand reaching out for a raise

So you think you want a raise

Tips and tricks for approaching this very uncomfortable subject Is it time to ask for a raise? As many people are uncomfortably aware, the recession played havoc with a lot of careers and career plans.  It significantly impacted (mostly in a negative way) many people’s career direction, household income, position title and tenure.  If this

Clean your closet!

Make room for career growth with these tips “The problem is never how to get new, innovative thoughts into your mind, but how to get the old ones out.” - Dee Hock, Founder and former CEO of Visa The theme this month is clearing the path for mobility in your career.  I coach a number

Tough Interview Question Series – Chapter 3

The dreaded salary discussion Unless you are independently wealthy and work because you just love it and you’re a good person, then you will likely need to talk about salary at some point in the interview process.  This is the subject that trips up even the most experienced professionals.  Let’s talk about how to talk

10 ways to increase employee loyalty TODAY!

And most of them don’t cost a bunch OK hiring managers here’s the deal…..your employees aren’t loyal.  They will take the recruiter’s call when it comes and if someone were to offer them another 5k-10k in salary they will probably leave.  The classic loyalty programs are gone or fading – pensions (gone), 401k contributions (dwindling),

Are you loving your “Keepers?”

Unless you've been underground for the past few months you've probably noticed that businesses are feeling more optimistic about the economy lately. This is especially true in the Rocky Mountain Region. There is a significant uptick in hiring happening in just the last few weeks. This activity is also being felt by your employees -

Does your career need a tune-up?

Get yourself out of neutral I just finished an article for hiring managers on tuning up their teams.  I talked about how to introduce change as a way to increase performance, service or efficiencies – you know, the stuff that hiring managers care about.  It occurred to me that professionals who are rollin’ along in

Who is Responsible for Career Development?

During my work week I get to talk with a lot of folks who are looking for a new position, thinking about looking for a new position, or know someone who is thinking/looking. I am often approached by people who want to engage me as their personal agent – to write their resume, search the