Recruiting Talent Means Connecting with PEOPLE

OK, so the economy is not looking its best these days. Nonetheless, companies still need to hire – and hire strong! You may be thinking that recruiting is easier these days. Well, if you are looking for applicant numbers, then yes, the task is easier. You will absolutely receive more responses to job postings than

An Interlude – Building a Stronger Colorado

I’m just returning from an amazing vacation trip last week. We decided to make an adventure of the Sonoma Coast since we hadn’t experienced this lovely, cooler than Denver this time of year, area of the country before. Oh, and I LOVE wine. The Point Reyes and Tomales Bay area of the Sonoma Coast are

Get to Work!

Are you putting the right effort into your Job Search? Looking for a job, much like parenting, is not something that we studied in college so many people when faced with unemployment are at a loss for what makes a ‘well-rounded’ job search. Most of us start with the low hanging fruit, the obvious approach;