Job Searching in the Summer

Tips for keeping your job search going during the summer slowdown If you have a choice, you would like to embark upon job searching in the Spring and after Labor Day.  These are the best times of the year to build momentum and generate interest.  However, we don’t always have the luxury of selecting our

10 ways to increase employee loyalty TODAY!

And most of them don’t cost a bunch OK hiring managers here’s the deal…..your employees aren’t loyal.  They will take the recruiter’s call when it comes and if someone were to offer them another 5k-10k in salary they will probably leave.  The classic loyalty programs are gone or fading – pensions (gone), 401k contributions (dwindling),

Sticky Situation

When is it ok to talk about salary and benefits? I was talking with the team today and we recently had several candidates stumble over the salary/benefit/flex time questions so we thought this might be a good subject for this month’s article.  Here’s the deal – unless you are independently wealthy and a workaholic, you can expect a

Summer Vacation – Observations of a Rookie Globetrotter

I just returned from my first trip to Europe – what an incredible experience.  In the course of our day, we forget just how amazing our world is – history, culture, art, food and people. I’ve done a lot of traveling domestically and to Mexico and the Caribbean – I’m pretty used to the pace and the culture.  Life

An Interlude – Building a Stronger Colorado

I’m just returning from an amazing vacation trip last week. We decided to make an adventure of the Sonoma Coast since we hadn’t experienced this lovely, cooler than Denver this time of year, area of the country before. Oh, and I LOVE wine. The Point Reyes and Tomales Bay area of the Sonoma Coast are