Is your resume ‘clickworthy?’

As a Talent Acquisition Consultant I spend a great deal of time talking with people about their careers and companies about their hiring practices. Every month I review hundreds of resumes and professional biographies from a single page to an 8 page chapter.  I also am asked regularly what a ‘good’ resume looks like and how to get noticed by potential

Interviews that Matter

Using a blended interview format for better outcomes Interviewing techniques are all over the place – each hiring manager has their own style whether learned, imparted upon or self-created.  I will assert that for the most part, you are interviewing from the job description and evaluating candidates based primarily on the bullet points in this

Cure for the Summer Hiring Slump

Tips for getting your candidate flow going again In Colorado and in some other parts of the country (primarily those with 3 or 4 seasons) we see a tremendous erosion of candidate activity during the summer months.  There are a number of reasons for this phenomenon: Vacations and summer family visits; kids are out of school and that disrupts the