Best to apply the brain filter prior to opening your mouth….

It’s summertime! Feeling like I’ll take a lighthearted theme this month. One of the coolest things about my job is that I get a firsthand recall of the best—and the worst—things that candidates do during the interview process.

If you recognize your antic here please take it in stride – and remember, if you are really great at interviewing, then you probably aren’t really great as an employee!

1. Sending a resume from the email “”

I have to wonder exactly what position you are applying for – hmmmmm.

2. Submitting a beautiful cover letter and lovely resume without a phone number or email address

While recruiters are intuitive, we aren’t telepathic – yet!

3. The social profile photo that uploaded into our ATS is of a naked person

AI algorithms go out and hunt for a recent photo of you to pull into applicant tracking systems. It’s best to take down the unflattering and undesirable photos.

4. Traffic Reporter is NOT the same as Digital Traffic Coordinator

It’s a good idea to read at least the first part of the description so that you know what you are applying for.

5. Reason for leaving – “I was let go for protesting hazardous furniture in the office; I guess that’s what you get for living in a right to work state.”

While we appreciate your right to free speech, it might be better to just go and talk to your boss first.

6. Reason for leaving – “I found out that the owner of the agency was the leader of a failed doomsday cult and I had to get out of there fast.”


7. Qualifications – “Met unrealistic demands and deadlines.”

Now THAT is an impact statement!

8. Answering a phone interview call and stating, “Can you call me back in 15 minute? I’m having some personal issues with my lady.”

TOO much information – sorry I bothered you….

9. Submitting your resume for a position without cleaning up the review markups

Well, now we can see what a horrible speller you are….

I hope these little tidbits spark a smile. Enjoy your summer!