Sometimes you just gotta wonder…

It’s summertime! Feeling like I’ll take a lighthearted theme this month. One of the coolest things about my job is that I get a firsthand recall of the best—and the worst—things that candidates do during the interview process.

The following are actual occurrences—I’m fairly certain that the individuals who are subjects here do not read my blog—so I think we’re safe. Enjoy!

1. Eating lunch during a phone interview

When we use the term working lunch we aren’t referring to munching your Fritos while on the phone with your future boss.

2. Laughing at, or making insulting remarks at questions being asked

Yep, a sense of humor is important, but maybe not laughing AT the interviewer.

3. Failing to research the company prior to your initial call

When asked “Why are you interested in our company?” the interviewer responded, “I don’t know – the recruiter set it up.

4. Not listing your contact information on your resume

I know, you were just hoping that whomever saw your resume was clairvoyant, right?

5. Using your wife’s cell phone for contact

When we phoned to set up an interview his wife answered and said, “He doesn’t have a cell phone. I’ll have to take a message and have him call you back.” Ummmm, OK. Will you be coming to work for him, too?

6. Asking about pre-employment checks too soon

“Do you guys check driving records? I’ve been in a lot of crashes.” What do you drive? I want to make sure I don’t park next to you!

7. Wearing lounge pants to the interview

“The HR person said it was a casual dress code.” Yes, but we’d like you to wear pants!

8. Googling answers during your technical interview

Pssst…..we can hear your keyboard!

9. Driving your Porsche to the interview

“Can I have an office next to the window? I need to keep an eye on my car while I’m working.” If your eye is on your car, whose eyes are on your work?

I hope these little tidbits spark a smile. Enjoy your summer!