Tips for keeping your job search going during the summer slowdown

If you have a choice, you would like to embark upon job searching in the Spring and after Labor Day.  These are the best times of the year to build momentum and generate interest.  However, we don’t always have the luxury of selecting our search season now do we?  College graduates who are busy with their final semester start in June!  Layoffs happen in every month of the year.  Positions are eliminated regularly and without regard to the season.  Summer means vacations, kids out of school, early departures for softball games and other extracurricular activities.

While the summer months aren’t ideal for conducting a job search, there are great ways to generate interview activity even during the summer months.  Try some of these tricks:

1. Look for summer networking activities with groups that you don’t otherwise have access to

There are professional organizations which open up their attendance to the general public for a summer event. Use this opportunity to break into a new circle of people whom you don’t regularly run with.  You will meet some new and interesting people to expand your sphere of influence.

2. Try breakfast meetings instead of lunch

Instead of grabbing lunch, try for an earlier meeting – especially with those business executives who, once they get to the office are buried in people and urgent requests. Getting face time early in the day is often easier.

3. Volunteer for charity outings

There are golf tournaments, bicycle races, marathons, tennis tournaments and other fundraising events that are held during the summer.  Volunteering at events gets you access to the attendees and potential networking opportunities.

4. Join a social sports league

Get out and play with your community! There are a lot of interesting people who play softball, volleyball, kickball and tennis.  You can leverage these new connections to build your network – who knows who might be at bat – your next VP?  It could happen!

5. Accept those BBQ and Picnic invitations

Social networking is one of your most productive networking activities during the summer. Don’t just hang with the people you know – get around the event and meet some new people.  After all – great folks hang out with other great folks!

With vacations and modified work schedules during the summer, your job search may feel like it’s in neutral.  Rather than stall, keep your momentum by reworking how you spend your time – but remain focused on your desired outcome – your next great career adventure! For more information on how to navigate your job search visit us here!