Karma lessons for the job seeker

Your character and your reputation The current job market is absolutely tilted in favor of the job seeker.  Especially in Colorado, where the unemployment rate is barely measurable, most early and mid-career candidates can name their price and perks. This phenomenon also leads to some bad behavior that during the recession (you remember the recession,

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What have you done for your career lately?

Staying relevant in today's market I spoke with a mid career professional last week who exited a company he had been with for 12 years. He was under the impression that he only needed to update his resume and post it on the internet in order to get a new, high paying, interesting and short

Job Searching in the Summer

Tips for keeping your job search going during the summer slowdown If you have a choice, you would like to embark upon job searching in the Spring and after Labor Day.  These are the best times of the year to build momentum and generate interest.  However, we don’t always have the luxury of selecting our

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The passive job search

Make your job search easier while you’re working Once again the labor department released record low unemployment numbers for Colorado – still sitting at 2.4%.  What that means is that most job seekers are looking for a new position while already working 40+ hours a week.  The task seems rather daunting!  Some of you might

I want to relocate!

Tips for conducting a job search in another market I get to talk with talented professionals every week who want to relocate another city but want to do so with a job in hand.  Making the decision to move could be based on the desire to be back in their hometown, to have a change

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Never look for a job again!

How-to Guide for sliding seamlessly into each career move I was talking with someone the other day who was unbelievably unhappy and unfulfilled in her current job. She has been with the same company for 13 years.  Although she’s moved around and been promoted, she feels very stuck.  I asked her why she didn’t look

A Story about Reputation Management

How one startup successfully managed their employment brand I am fortunate to work with some of the smartest and most innovative startups in Colorado.  One of the hardest things for a startup is getting noticed.  Justifiably, entrepreneurs will spend a whole bunch of time building their company and product brand – after all – revenue is what makes the difference

‘Tis the Season for Working the Room

Networking tips for most of us I had the pleasure of speaking at an industry event last week to an incredible group of technology executives.  We spent some time talking about networking and the benefits of being prepared for holiday cocktail parties.  One of the members told a story of receiving a job offer as a direct result

LinkedIn Tips

Whether you’re happily employed in your current position, looking around for a switch or unemployed, Linked In is one of the key tools in your in your professional toolbox.  It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do as a professional, an up-to-date profile is going to serve you well.  Why?  Here are a few of the 100

For the Rookie Job Seeker

Make sure you're fishing in the right pond  This month’s article focuses on helping those individuals who don’t have a lot of experience being a job seeker.  Maybe you are getting ready to graduate, looking for an internship, returning to the workforce after an extended absence or newly transplanted to a new geography.  This one