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You have an important interview coming up and need help preparing questions to ask the hiring manager. Maybe you haven’t updated your resume in 10 years. Perhaps you love your job but would like to negotiate a raise in pay. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you probably have a number of questions popping up as you navigate changes in your career path. You’ve considered hiring a career coach or talking to a mentor, but is it really worth the trouble if all you need to know is whether or not to use a functional or chronological resume? Wouldn’t it be nice to just fire off a question to an expert and get a quick answer without the hassle?

The team at Goldstone Partners answers career-minded questions every day, and although many job seekers need more extensive, in-depth guidance, most just have straight forward, common questions that don’t necessarily warrant full-fledged career coaching. With that in mind, we have come up with a casual and convenient way to help job seekers quickly get the answers they need—Live Chat!

Along with our local partners at SnapEngage, we are pleased to now offer an on demand service called Ask the Expert. Job seekers can hop onto our website and chat with one of our team members in real time about their career questions.

Which type of inquiries work well with our Live Chat feature? Here is a breakdown of the most common reasons people reach out.

  1. It’s time to update your resume. We get a lot of questions about how far a resume should date back, whether or not cover letters are necessary anymore and if it’s appropriate to include references. Inquiries about resume formatting are always welcome.
  1. You have questions about starting a search. Crafting a resume is only the beginning—we frequently answer questions about where to find new opportunities, posting to job boards and how to follow-up on an application.
  1. You want to nail the interview. Common questions include choosing proper attire, how—and when—to address salary and benefits and what to expect on a phone interview vs. an in-person meeting. Preparing good questions is also a popular topic.
  1. Social Media 101. LinkedIn is relatively foreign for many job seekers, especially those who haven’t been on the market in recent years. Our team is well-versed on the subject and can offer advice about updating online profiles (and which ones you should have), leveraging contacts and including searchable keywords.
  1. You don’t know the first thing about working with a recruiter. We get questions from job seekers who are looking for a recruiter to work with, as well as those who are actively being sought out by them. As talent scouts, we can help shed light on how recruiters work, the various ways they find candidates and methods for becoming more visible online.
  1. RelocationColorado is a HOT place to live right now. Questions pop up all the time about relocating, and we love to talk about our sunny state and the job market here.

Regardless of the type of question you have, odds are you need immediacy and Live Chat accommodates that. We are here to offer advice about resume building, job searching and interview etiquette. It’s not a replacement for a career coach, but simply a convenient way to get answers when you need them quickly. Visit us here today and drop us a line—we’d love to help you with your search!

About the Author: Annie Abraham oversees Goldstone Partners’ marketing strategy and social media engagement. Connect with Annie on LinkedIn.