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New feature added to You have an important interview coming up and need help preparing questions to ask the hiring manager. Maybe you haven’t updated your resume in 10 years. Perhaps you love your job but would like to negotiate a raise in pay. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you probably

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So you think you want a raise

Tips and tricks for approaching this very uncomfortable subject Is it time to ask for a raise? As many people are uncomfortably aware, the recession played havoc with a lot of careers and career plans.  It significantly impacted (mostly in a negative way) many people’s career direction, household income, position title and tenure.  If this

Compensating Sales Positions in a Changing Industry

As a search consultant I have the unique opportunity to talk with many executives across a number of industries and in companies of all sizes.  I gather a bunch of information each year about the shifts in compensation, benefits, fringes and perks.  One of the hardest positions to accurately compensate is sales.  Inside sales, outside

Tough Interview Question Series – Chapter 3

The dreaded salary discussion Unless you are independently wealthy and work because you just love it and you’re a good person, then you will likely need to talk about salary at some point in the interview process.  This is the subject that trips up even the most experienced professionals.  Let’s talk about how to talk

Let’s talk about money

How to address the salary question  The one question that trips EVERYONE up when I talk with them is compensation.  I talk with hundreds of job seekers every year – from entry level to senior executives – no one nails this question.  So, it’s time to talk about it.  Seriously, it’s not an elephant in the room.  I’ll assume

Overcoming Objections

What do they REALLY mean? Objections are buying signs; they are a request for more information.  Interviewing is a sales process. In sales you must overcome at least three objections from every prospect! The greatest challenge you will face in your job search is rejection.  Interviewing is sales and rejection is part of the process.

Talking About Money – Tips for a Productive Salary Negotiation

Many of you would rather scrub your bathroom tile with a toothbrush than talk with an employer (or future employer) about salary. Even though you need to, and expect to, get paid a reasonable amount for your work, you fear the act of getting there. There are likely a few reasons for that; 1. you