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New feature added to You have an important interview coming up and need help preparing questions to ask the hiring manager. Maybe you haven’t updated your resume in 10 years. Perhaps you love your job but would like to negotiate a raise in pay. Do any of these sound familiar? If so, you probably

  • Hand reaching out for a raise

So you think you want a raise

Tips and tricks for approaching this very uncomfortable subject Is it time to ask for a raise? As many people are uncomfortably aware, the recession played havoc with a lot of careers and career plans.  It significantly impacted (mostly in a negative way) many people’s career direction, household income, position title and tenure.  If this

Sticky Situation

When is it ok to talk about salary and benefits? I was talking with the team today and we recently had several candidates stumble over the salary/benefit/flex time questions so we thought this might be a good subject for this month’s article.  Here’s the deal – unless you are independently wealthy and a workaholic, you can expect a

Consider the Source

Your candidates are not professional resume writers If you are a hiring manager or someone who reviews resumes regularly you may use the resume as a method for screening candidates – either screening them IN – or screening them OUT.  Most often, resumes are used for screening candidates OUT.  I believe this method may be

Bad job seeker behavior

These tactics will damage your reputation  In my position I have a unique vantage point.  Daily, I work with hiring managers to help them hire great people and with job seekers to help them navigate their next career move.  I’ve handled more hiring transactions than most people do in their entire working life.  I’ve observed some pretty cool