Are you prepared for the next business disruption?

This article was published as part of the Denver Business Journal Leadership Trust, an invitation-only network of influential business leaders, experts, executives and entrepreneurs.  If you had told me at the end of the year that the government would shut down nearly every business for weeks, I would have told you to go clear your head for

  • Woman creating a business plan for sustaining a successful company

Ten tips for building a sustainable business

Ten Years of profitable business operations and the lessons along the way April 1, 2018 marked our 10th year in business at Goldstone Partners.  I’m reminiscing a bit and planning a big celebration for later this year – watch for more information on this!  I was talking with Annie today about what I should write

Show your new hires some love

Retention starts before their first day! An effective onboarding program can have a significant impact on your ability to retain great people, help them get up to speed quickly and contribute productively – sooner.  The key is to make each new team member feel important and help remove those new job jitters as quickly as

Sticky Situation

When is it ok to talk about salary and benefits? I was talking with the team today and we recently had several candidates stumble over the salary/benefit/flex time questions so we thought this might be a good subject for this month’s article.  Here’s the deal – unless you are independently wealthy and a workaholic, you can expect a

How to Tune-up a Team

Get out of neutral Last month we talked about how your company’s reputation has an impact on the candidate profiles that you attract. That’s great if you are happy with the level at which your team is performing, the personality that emanates from your internal community and the people in that community.  But what if you want to initiate a change? 

Your company’s reputation precedes you

The law of (candidate) attraction I get a lot of comments from hiring managers that they just can’t seem to attract the right people to their open positions.  The perception is that there isn’t good talent out there and that is one of the primary challenges affecting company growth.  While I agree that we need to continue to promote education

Hire with Purpose

Don’t just go with your gut Hiring is not on the top of the list of activities that most leaders enjoy.  The process is tedious, long and fraught with errors.  If you make the right hire your world will be beautiful – your customers will be happy, your team will enjoy blissful camaraderie, you will

Interns are not just for big companies

It looks like it’s finally Springtime in Colorado!  Wow......that was one long snow season, huh?  Spring means college graduation for thousands of newly minted professionals who are eager to begin their careers.  It's also the time of year when current college students are looking for some relevant work over the summer......keyword internship.  If you are